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Important Notice Please note that there will be no open days until further notice due to the Coronavirus situation. Thank you. Nuestra campaña ha llegado hasta Estonia! Nuestra jóven voluntaria, Penelope, nos vino a ayudar a limpiar los establos, decidió ser la madrina de nuestra burra Añes contribuyendo a su manutención de su propio bolsillo y cuenta corriente. Our water campaign made it all the way to Estonia! A very young volunteer, Penelope, came to help us for a day cleaning stables, became the Godmother of a Donkey-Añes contributing from her own money and bank account, and even made her own video to help with the last bit of our water campaign!

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La cabeza. What to Read After that Se han descubierto las contraposibilidades y antítesis, y se las ha incluido en la cuenta. I enjoyed it very a good deal and it seemed to be another way of learning the rules.

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Devilz started off as a diminutive group and ended up colossal as years gone by! Construction beautiful friendships and creating artistic and beautiful music we benefit from all voices and unique styles! Devilz is always taking all the rage new fam just message a organizer or the devilz bleep. The group is focused arrange having fun in the smule app. We make weekly challlenges to sing the craziest things you can think of arrange smule. Group has won appointment on various big competitions after that also versus with other groups. Must have a Line but 15 or younger please ask parental permission and be fairly active on both Smule after that Line in order not en route for miss out on activities.

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Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de adiestramiento In addition to practicing languages and discovering the natural, artistic, and architectural heritage of the Maestrat area, this is an ideal place for personal advance through the diversity of ancestor who come to participate all the rage one of the many meetings that take place regularly, before just to spend a a small amount of days of tranquility in the mountains. The paradise seeks en route for promote Self-Knowledge through dialogue after that the knowledge of other ancestor and other points of analysis about Life, and the appease atmosphere allows this to come about naturally. In addition, the austere fact of inhabiting an aged house, in a place such as this one, is all the rage itself a very interesting anthropological experience, which allows us en route for discover alternative ways of existing on this planet, distinct as of the current western modern approach of life. The slow gait, the darkness, the life devoid of a car, the relationship along with fire, allow us to associate with other dimensions of our humanity. Finally, as a arrange facilitator, I like to certify that coexistence itself be an experimentation focused on becoming alert of the complexity of being relationships, which at the alike time allows us to custom tools that make us add capable of sharing and collaborating in any project. El ritmo lento, la oscuridad, la biografía sin coche, la relación cheat el fuego, nos permiten conectarnos con otras dimensiones de nuestra humanidad. Ayuda The help we need is very varied, although above all it is allied to the construction and advance of existing spaces, both classified and outside the house.


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